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Shampoo conditioner for bay horses

The majestic become, grace and noble appearance of bay horses - all of this only increases after using Bishop shampoo. It enhances the natural color of bay horses, focusing on the amazing variety of their shades. The unique bio-formula of shampoo is based on the use of natural color pigments, which are specially delivered to Russia from India

The systematic use of Bishop shampoo for bay horses noticeably transforms the visual appearance of the horses, enhancing the play of shades of brown and black in their color. To make the color more vibrant and saturated we used an amount of modern developments and new technologies in cosmetology. In addition, Bishop shampoo easily washes coat, mane and tail, is perfectly washed off and does not dry out the skin of horses. Thanks to its unique sulfate-free bio-formula, it effectively removes dust and dirt, has a balanced PH and enhances the horse's natural color. Gives the coat a fantastically beautiful, elegant shine

Bishop shampoo for bay horses is an ideal tool for preparing horses of bay color for exhibitions and competitions. It is also very effective in the process of routine, everyday horse care.

We recommend combining the use of shampoo-conditioner with the subsequent use of ChessPlaid Super Shine spray.

Application: Wet the horse thoroughly with water. Apply directly to damp hair, mane or tail with your hand, sponge or brush, then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes.


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