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Shampoo conditioner for horses "Siberian Berries"

The aroma of this shampoo pleases more than all the prizes of the world! A fantastically pleasing, rich and finely balanced berry scent decorates the horses and turns their care into a beautiful ritual. Numerous tests have convinced that the aroma of shampoo for horses attracts the attention of even experienced connoisseurs of perfumery.

The main thing in the unusual prescription formula of Siberian Berries shampoo is the use of an extract of Siberian berries. Their natural aroma distinguishes the Siberian Berries Shampoo from any other horse care shampoo.

Its innovative sulfate-free bio-formula has been developed specifically for horse coat, mane and tail. The composition of the shampoo ingredients contains a complex of mild detergents on a natural basis, which has excellent deep cleansing properties and does not violate the protective properties of the skin. And the conditioner helps to nourish and moisturize the hair, prevents tangling of the mane and tail, and facilitates combing.

The natural composition of Siberian Berries also explains its important feature - medium foaming. It does not foam with the same lightning speed as shampoos containing chemical elements and additives. But this is the most obvious evidence that the shampoo is 100% natural and harmless to horses.

We recommend combining the use of Siberian Berries shampoo with the subsequent use of ChessPlaid spray-conditioners.

Application: Wet the horse thoroughly with water. Apply directly to damp hair, mane or tail with your hand, sponge or brush, then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes.


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