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Shampoo-conditioner for horses “Chinese Jasmine”

This shampoo with green tea and jasmine leaf extracts unconditionally convinces the horse owners that ancient Asian traditions and the latest technologies in cosmetology are equally useful for horse care.

The unique bio-formula of Chinese Jasmine shampoo is based on classic Asian ingredients - green tea and jasmine leaves, popular among cosmetologists and perfumers. They are useful for the skin of animals, because they restore and strengthen the protective role of the epidermis. In addition, they do not have a pronounced smell. Chinese Jasmine shampoo is an indisputable proof that these ingredients are invaluable in creating high-quality cosmetic products for horses.

The innovative sulfate-free bio-formula of Chinese Jasmine shampoo works effectively in the process of caring for the coat, mane and tails of horses. In accordance with it, the shampoo contains a complex of natural detergents and has excellent deep cleansing properties, without violating the protective properties of the skin. A conditioner helps to nourish and moisturize the coat, prevents tangling of the mane and tail, making it easy to comb. It gives the coat a noble, beautiful, healthy shine.

We recommend combining the use of Chinese Jasmine shampoo with the subsequent use of ChessPlaid spray-conditioners.

Application: Wet the horse thoroughly with water. Apply directly to damp hair, mane or tail with your hand, sponge or brush, then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes.


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