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Shampoo-conditioner for horses with Indian Neem tree oil

The main ingredient in this shampoo is the natural oil of the Indian Neem tree. It is highly regarded in classical Ayurvedic medicine and among manufacturers of cosmetics. Neem tree oil prevents the formation of dandruff, has a calming and antibacterial properties. It improves the appearance of the coat, reduces itching from insect bites, and prevents unpleasant odors. Thanks to Neem tree oil, the shampoo soothes hives and reduces hypersensitivity to insect bites. Helps to get rid of skin diseases based on bacteria, fungi and dermatophytes. It has repellent, antifungal, antibiotic and antiviral properties.

The unique sulfate-free bio-formula of shampoo is specially designed for the coat, mane and tail of horse. Tis shampoo is based on a complex of natural substances that deeply cleanse, but do not violate the protective properties of the skin. Useful shampoo is supplemented with conditioner: it helps to nourish and moisturize the hair, prevents tangling of the mane and tail, and significantly facilitates combing.

Indian Neem Shampoo has been developed for over a year by an international group of horse owners and technologists. Numerous tests in Russia and Europe have shown that after regular use of Indian Neem shampoo, the horse's coat acquires a beautiful, healthy shine.

Indian Neem Shampoo does not contain dyes. Thanks to its natural composition, it is safe even for pregnant and lactating mares. Suitable for regular, frequent use.

We recommend combining the use of Indian Neem shampoo with the subsequent use of ChessPlaid Indian Neem Spray Conditioner.

Application: Wet the horse thoroughly with water. Apply directly to damp hair, mane or tail with your hand, sponge or brush, then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes.


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