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Dual-layer bio-collar “Knight”

All of the components of a dual-layer bio-collar “Knight” are exclusively natural and therefore can be used for pregnant, lactating mares, as well as for foals, starting from the second month of life. The undeniable advantages of the Knight collar are based on a unique technology developed by a team of engineers and technologists at ChessPlaid Co.: it allows to impregnate into the structure of the polymer material a compound of natural essential oils. The outer layer of the Knight bio-collar is filled with a complex of several essential oils: citronella, lavender, tea tree, cloves, rosemary and eucalyptus. In addition to the aromatherapy effect, the smell of natural oils is a reliable protection: this aroma is unpleasant for flying blood-sucking insects.

Inside the inner layer of the Knight bio-collar is a complex of natural Neem tree oil and aloe vera extract. Neem tree oil soothes itching and reduces hypersensitivity to insect bites. In addition, it stops the maturation of insect larvae in horse hair. And aloe vera extract acts as a natural disinfectant, soothes and regenerates your horse's skin.

The Knight dual-layer bio-collar is absolutely safe for pregnant and lactating mares, for horses with sensitive skin, and also for horses that are being treated or recovering.

Usage: Unpack the packaging with a bio-collar immediately before use. After opening the package, it is necessary to put the collar on the horse's neck, closer to the head, fitting it in size taking into account the possible growth of the animal, then it is necessary to fix the clips in the holes and cut off the excess tape. The effectiveness of the Knight bio-collar does not deteriorate on contact with water. If your horse sweats, gets wet in the rain, or because you washed it, the collar will continue to work anyway.


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