Care of owners and love for horses


Horse owners and athletes have been waiting for such a products as unique ChessPlaid Co. products are!

Shampoos, conditioners, antiparasitic collars, ointments, clays, hoof oils, hoof gels and drops - all this is developed and produced in Russia. Long scientific research, hundreds of tests, discussions with horse owners, horse breeders, trainers and veterinarians have allowed us to create high-quality products that can compete with European counterparts.

We love horses and take care of riders: Chessplaid Co. products are made only from natural ingredients, are convenient to use, but do not require substantial costs. Elegant and smart animals deserve thorough and elegant care.

We have been producing pet care products for more than five years. Our products, that we are unconditionally proud of, are presented at major international exhibitions. All of this time we constantly communicate with reputable experts and pet owners: numerous reviews and tests help us to improve our products every day. This communication is incredibly valuable to us! In the summer of 2018, we accidentally got in a store at the equestrian club. A showcase with cosmetic and antiparasitic products and a dialogue with riders and trainers convinced us that Russia has decidedly lacked domestic products for horse care. First-class shampoos, ointments, clays, conditioners - all this had to be imported from Europe. So, we decided to create a Russian line of products under the brand name Chessplaid Co.

Nowadays, high-quality Chessplaid products are an important part of the image of professional riders. We do not hide: our products look more expensive than they cost! Thanks to the stylish packaging developed by European designers, our products look like an elegant accessory for anyone interested in equestrian sports. Graceful horses deserve special care! Caring for them is an indispensable component of your care for yourself.

We are always in touch: your comments and experience help us to create only the best products for horses.

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