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Spray-Conditioner Super Sheen

Spray-Conditioner “Super Sheen” is a sure-fire way to instantly create the look of your horse. It gives coat, mane and tail an almost brilliant shine for a long time. This effect is possible due to the unique formula of the spray that combines several natural ingredients that are specially brought to Russia from Germany, France and the USA.

Spray-Conditioner “Super Sheen” helps to easily untangle the manes and tails of horses, gives their coat soft touch and elasticity. Unlike other ChessPlaid Co. sprays, “Super Sheen” gives the coat of horses a special, bright shine that lasts for a long time. It perfectly transforms horses before exhibitions, competitions and beautiful photosets. Turn horses into heroes of the catwalk or movie set? Why not?

An important advantage of the “Super Sheen” spray-conditioner is that, according to the feedback of the horse owners, after applying, the coat does not become slippery. Thus, the usage of this conditioner does not cause discomfort for riders. But it always provides horses with sparkle for special occasions!

For best results, it is recommended to wash your horse with ChessPlaid Bishop Shampoo first.

Expiration date: 36 months above the date of manufacture.


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