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Spray-Conditioner Mane & Tail

Spray-conditioner for mane and tail protects horse owners from unnecessary effort and loss of time. After all, for a long time it prevents tangling of hair on the manes and tails of horses, protects them from loss of color and drying. The long-lasting effect of the Mane&Tail Spray Conditioner, proven by multi-step tests, is an undeniable advantage that distinguishes it from any other horse conditioners.

The Mane&Tail spray conditioner is ideal for everyday usage. Its production is based on the use of modern cosmetology technologies and natural ingredients of the highest standard. Thanks to this, the Mane&Tail spray conditioner is completely harmless to the skin of animals and improves their appearance, giving the coat a beautiful, healthy, regal shine and elasticity.

It helps to easily untangle the mane and tail of your horse, prevents repeated tangling, gives the hair a pleasant air softness. After using the Mane&Tail spray-conditioner, tactile contact with the horse will charge you with positive, vivid emotions and double your joy.

For best results, it is recommended to wash your horse with ChessPlaid Bishop Shampoo first.

Expiration date: 36 months above the date of manufacture.


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