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Spray-Conditioner “Madagascar Citronella” with Citronella Essential Oil

The priceless feature of the Madagascar Citronella spray-conditioner is its dual formula: it also acts as a conditioner for horses’ coat, manes and tails, and as an effective spray that protects against blood-sucking insects.

The prescription formula of the Madagascar Citronella spray conditioner is based on the use of Citronella essential oil that has been used in medicine, cosmetology and perfumery for several centuries. Citronella is an analogue of lemongrass: its stems and leaves contain a unique essential oil, whose healing properties are endless. It prevents the formation of fungus, reduces blood pressure, protects against flying bloodsucking insects. Citronella oil is produced in Asia and South America, where it has been used for horse care for decades.

Madagascar Citronella Spray Conditioner is specially formulated to protect horses’ coat, manes and tails from tangling, discoloration and drying. It helps to easily untangle the mane and tail, gives them a pleasant softness and elegant shine for a long time. The aroma of natural Citronella oil, which envelops horses in an invisible cloud, has the valuable property of a repellent that repels insects. Thanks to unique production technologies and high-quality bio-ingredients, the spray conditioner is absolutely harmless to the skin of horses.

For best results, we recommend you to wash your horse with ChessPlaid Bishop Madagascar Citronella shampoo before applying the conditioner.

Expiration date: 36 months above the date of manufacture.


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