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Hoof Oil with Tea tree natural essential oil

Everything must be perfect in a horse! And not only wool, mane and tail require care, but, in particular, hooves.
We have developed ChessPlaid Hoof Oil with natural tea tree essential oil especially for your horses.
ChessPlaid Tea Tree Hoof Oil is a natural, high-quality remedy for protecting and giving a natural enchanting sheen to hooves of all colors.
For a very long time, the humankind knows antibacterial, antifungal and, at the same time, the protective properties of tea tree oil. The presence of this component in ChessPlaid Hoof oil makes it ideal for daily use. Especially in conditions of high humidity. Especially for horses that have to stay in a stable for a long time, on wet bedding, or on dirty wet floors.
With daily use, ChessPlaid Tea tree Hoof oil supports and improves the healthy state of hooves, prevents bacterial infections, and protects against cracking.
For your convenience, all cans of ChessPlaid hoof oils are equipped with brushes integrated in the lid.
This design allows the brush to always be clean, no matter where and how you store the jar.
Application: Apply ChessPlaid Hoof Oil with natural tea tree essential oil before training, brood or competition. Suitable for daily use.
! Allergic reactions are possible, with individual intolerance to the components. More information at and in our Instagram @chessplaid


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