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Barrier Hoof Oil with Carnauba Wax

“There is no horse without a hoof,” the ancient proverb says.
There are no better words, because the hoof and its internal structures are as important, as possible to the health of the entire limb.
We developed series of products with the figure of the Rook on the label especially for the care of your horse's hooves. ChessPlaid Barrier Hoof Oil with Carnauba Wax has a special place in this series.
The main component of this barrier hoof oil is Carnauba wax, which is extracted from the leaves of the palm tree Copernicia prunifera.
In wild nature this wax emerges on its own on the exterior of palm leaves during intense heat - this is how the plant protects itself from fluid loss. For this exceptional property, Carnauba wax was nicknamed
the King of Waxes.
ChessPlaid Barrier Hoof Oil with Carnauba Wax creates a shiny, durable and water-repellent protective and decorative coating on the hoof, while protecting the hoof horn from drying out and providing a
sufficiently pronounced antibacterial and softening effect. As with all of our products, we care about your comfort. Therefore, all cans of ChessPlaid hoof oils are
equipped with brushes, integrated in the lid. This design allows the brush to always be clean, no matter
where and how you store the jar and use oil.
Application: Apply ChessPlaid Barrier Hoof Oil with Carnauba Wax before training, brood or competition.
Suitable for daily use.
! Allergic reactions are possible, with individual intolerance to the components.


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