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ChessPlaid Cool Clay

After training, competitions, any physical exertion, tired muscles, ligaments and tendons of your beloved horse's legs require a separate high-quality effective care.
Especially for such moments, after the numerous requests of subscribers of our accounts on social networks, we developed the cooling clay ChessPlaid Cool Clay.
ChessPlaid Cool Clay is ready to use, easy to apply, has a long lasting cooling effect and is easy to rinse.
Relaxes, cools, soothes tired muscles, ligaments, tendons of legs. Helps reduce inflammation by normalizing blood circulation in the tissues.
Method of application: Brush the horse's feet from dirt. Apply clay evenly with a layer of about 8-10 mm thick. After complete drying, rinse with water, or brush with a brush. Repeat if necessary. For external use only. Do not apply on damaged skin.
Allergic reactions are possible, with individual intolerance to the components. More information at and in our Instagram @chessplaid Also comes in a 2,5 and 5 kg package for your convenience and economy.


1 kg 2,5 kg 5 kg

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